Full Version: Signal K server input source filtering
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I am playing around with openplotter on a RPI 4.
The boat network is quite complex at the moment. 0183, N2K, Seatalk ++ Several sources feed into the Signal K server with the same data, but from different sources. When I feed all the sources directly to openCPN I can put priority on the different sources, and also filter out specific sentences from each source.
When everything feeds into the Signal K server and openCPN connects to SK, everything seems to be one stream. I cant tell the original sources apart any more. Makes it hard for me to troubleshoot when one of the sources does something strange. Is there a way to do filtering on the input sources in the SK server? I also miss the openCPN "NMEA debug window". It is probably there somewhere, but I have not found it yet.

Thanks for everyone involved for making a very nice product and something fun to play with Smile
No, I have not seen this. Looks like it should do what I need. Thanks!