Full Version: SD card diagnostic
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One of the main reasons why OpenPlotter doesn't work as expected, especially on the Raspberry Pi 4, is the use of an inadequate SD card. Sometimes it is not easy to know if our SD is really the best for this use. A card with a good reading speed but with a mediocre writing speed can slow down our openplotter in a very pertinent way. Price is also not a guarantee. Good cards can be found for little money, while others, due to stock market problems, can be lower and are at high prices. All this without mentioning the false SD that sometimes tries to sneak in online purchases.
Fortunately we now have a tool that can examine our SD and tell us if it meets the appropriate requirements for good performance. We can install it using the terminal with the following command:

sudo apt install agnostics

After installation we will have the possibility to use the Rpi diagnostic program in the menus.

Thanks to Penguin on another forum!   Idea Big Grin