Full Version: Can't connect to fresh install of OP2
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I've been using V0.x and then V1.x for the past few years and now want to try V2. I've written the Basic img distribution to a SD card and booted my Pi 3. From my PC I can see a hidden WiFi network appear when the Pi started but I can't connect to it - I've tried the SSID (openplotter) and password (12345678) specified in the documentation but these don't work. How do I connect to this fresh install? This seems such a basic question and I'm probably doing something wrong, but I can't work out how to connect.

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Re-imaged the SD card and tried again but had the same issue. So then I tried a NOOBS install and that has worked. Not sure if there is an issue with the img download but at least my problem is fixed.
There is a bug with the img file, the NOOBS file works ok. I think I will remove the img until we publish the next version...
Thank you. Yes, I have now completed the install using the NOOBS download.