Full Version: RPI freezes
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My new OP2 setup is still residing on my workdesk (nicely mounted on the back of a teak hatch, though!).
I have started to leave it on for days just to see that it works ok. Trouble is that every now and then the RPI is all freezed up when I check it in the morning after being turned on over night. 
OCPN is on the screen but the whole system is unresponsive. Neither keybord nor mouse is working. If I switch off power and restart, it starts up perfectly normal.
I have no idea which of the OP apps that hangs the system or if it is the RPI itself. Where can I find logs that might reflect what's going on?
Any other ideas on how to troubleshoot this?
My present setup:
RPI 3 with OP2, all the latest updates as per 14/5 2020
D-Link DUB-H4 powered usb hub. D-link an RPI powered by separate 15W psu
Actisense NGT-1
True Heading RX Carbon ais
Usb connected no name gps receiver. This one is just for testing at home.

Maybe this should go in the Bug Reports section. Moderator please move this thread in such case!

Pär W
I saw something similar a while back. I think it was related to something eating up a lot of memory, might've been SignalK.

I reinstalled with only the plugins I actually needed, and the issue went away (I had previously tried basically all of them).

One other thing I noticed is that the GUI on my "headless" Pi becomes very slow after left unattended for a while. The mouse will even move very slowly, and clicks will only register after a few seconds. While it's doing that, I can SSH into it no problem, the SignalK server responds quickly, and top shows almost no CPU usage. After digging a little, I noticed that most of the RAM was allocated to cache (which is a good thing, it makes your frequent operations much snappier), and the GUI became snappy again after a few minutes.

I suspect what's happening is Linux seeing that the GUI programs aren't much used, so it puts their RAM in swap to make room for more useful stuff (like SignalK server and InfluxDB in my case). Going back to the GUI is a bit slow while Linux moves its memory back into RAM.

I also noticed some instability when allocating more video RAM (+ openGL acceleration) on my other Pi that runs OpenCPN, so maybe try changing these settings back to default if you've messed with them.
Hi, mine freezes if I have the wind acumulating information on dashbord in OCPN or if I am leaving my own track on for a time not longer than half an hour or so. It is definitly stacking too much information in some way. On the other hand if not using those possibilities in OCPN I can leave it on for weeks.
Yepp - experiencing this as well. SignalK 1.29 Openplotter 2.0, and RPI 3b
Just because I asked I had OP running nonstop from Friday afternoon until Monday morning without freezing. Smile
That's good but I havn't done anything tho prevent it so it will probably freeze again. Most of the time only OCPN with an active route was open.

Pär W