Full Version: We have new server!
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Finally we are online again.

We have migrated to a new server to improve performance and reputation. DNS propagation has taken an unusually long time and we have been 3 days offline, sorry for that. There is a new style but contents are the same and nothing has been lost.

We are working on new exciting features for OpenPlotter and OpenMarine, stay connected Wink
Looks great!
Nice fresh layout!
Hi guys and girls !
In this post confinement time it is so good to be in contact again !
What a relief to have again access to this huge amount of experience !
I like this new design, more dynamic !

Wish all the best to the whole team and keep going strong !
Hello, everyone,
The new layout looks great.
The mod functions are much clearer.

Thanks for the move.

Greetings J├╝rgen
I've used Tapatalk on iOS in the past, it doesn't work any more. Any ideas for a smooth reading experience on iPhone?
tapatalk got lost with the migration. It is reinstalled and working. Let me know any problem.
Works - thanks!

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