Full Version: Wifi Speed Increase on Openplotter AP
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Is there a way to increase the wifi speed on the access point on Openplotter RPI?  Especially the 2.4ghz.  I don't mind if I have to add a USB dongle.  Currently I get 64.8Mbps on the onboard 2.4ghz and 150Mbps on 5ghz.  I tried a usb 2.4ghz 300Mbs dongle and it still only let me have 64.8Mbps.  Running it with a RPI3B+ and Moitessier ver. 1 board and WAN side Mikrotik Groove G-52HPacn Booster/antenna.  I'll be adding cellular later.

Thanks Andy
you have only 3 usable channels on 2.4 WiFI because of overlapping frequencies. Try to use another channel if it is used nearby. Channel 1, 6, 11 are mostly used here in Austria.
What I was hoping was to be able to get 150 0r 300 Mbps. Is there any configuration files I can tweak to to bump up the speed