Full Version: Openplotter + Moitessier HAt+ tv hat dvb
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Currently I have a raspberry 4 with moitessier hat 2, I would need a tdt receiver and I had thought about putting the Raspberry PI TV Hat DVB-T in it too, but I don't know if this can be done with the openplotter image and on top with the hat moittessier installed too, can someone guide me?
A thousand thanks
As far as I know you cannot use the Moitessier hat as the SDR for DVB-T, you will have to use a dedicated DVB-T stick using one of the USB slots. Then download/install the SDR functions from the OP installer.
not the Moitessier HAT 2 would be to use tv hat dvb at the same time
Every USB DVB Reciever has its own Number, so you can set your configs to use the right Device in SDR and USB functions from the OP. The Moitessier uses other Pathes to connect, so they do not interfere the USB Devices. But remember every Device uses 500-1000mA from the USB Port, so use an strong Powersource or an powered USB-HUB.
The Moitessier HAT and the Raspberry TV HAT are not compatible because both of them use the SPI0 interface.

But who wants the TV HAT if you can use an SDR USB device to watch TV, get AIS, get marine radio, get radio FM, get flights data...