Full Version: Heavier N2K nmea 2000 connectors
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I have an electric outboard on a tender, and it has an N2K feed for calculating range on batteries, which is nice. What is not nice is the lifetime of standard N2k connectors in the wet environment, at 50 EUR per replacement. The pins are typically very small, and if there's a small bit of moisture in there, electrolysis gets through the pins in very little time.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried using other connectors that may be more robust. Is there anything to watch out for, like twisted ends being close enough. 

Is there any reason we have to use industry standard connector? It could be possible to use something like a 5-Pin Waterproof Mic Connector, GX16 as pictured below which is a good bit heavier. 
[Image: 5-pin-su-gecirmez-mike-konnektor-gx-16-s...7-15-B.jpg]