Full Version: Moitessier HAT Orientation
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I have a question.  I may be having an issue, but maybe not.  I may have to re-mount the HAT.  Does the Moitessier HAT have to be mounted in the boat in a specific flat with GPS antenna up?  I have an external GPS antenna attached.  When installed in my boat, the top of the HAT will be facing the front of the boat.  When I click 'boat is level' in pypilot, the orientation of the boat changes to level.  I then go through the process of calibrating the accelerometer and compass, but it seems that the globes where the dots appear is sideways.  When rotating 360 degrees, the dots only appear at the bottom.

Is this because the HAT has to be GPS antenna UP?  I currently have it sideways.
No specific orientation required. IMU and GPS are independent. Use the heading offset to fix the orientation.
It is my experience that the HAT needs to be level- upside down is no problem, but the internal compass can't deal with it being on it's side. Even after multiple calibrations, it remains very unstable and unpredictable- until it is 'flat' again. Shame, really, it would save a lot of space if I could mount it against a bulkhead.

I do hope I did something wrong...
Yes, the reason I asked is that the calibration looks completely different when the hat is flat.
some of the older moitessier hat's had a steel shield very near the compass sensors. Maybe you can verify this with a magnet?

If the calibration dots are not a circle when turning a circle but instead clearly an ellipse then you have significant distortions and it may be as you say a specific orientation is needed. Better is to get distortions away from the sensors.
Is this an issue with the HAT 2 at that is what I have?
(2020-08-01, 09:33 AM)jamieFL Wrote: [ -> ]Is this an issue with the HAT 2 at that is what I have?

Same here.