Full Version: OP custom network settings
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Since OP went modular with the applications, I've been having trouble setting up a custom network as dhcpcd is locked from the Pi GUI network config.

Current Network topology:

Device: Ubiquiti long range, connects to marina WiFi
WAN: wlan, DHCP/full auto (as a standard client to the marinas WiFi)
LAN: Static this feeds local router via eathernet

Device: dlink wrt54g flashed DDWRT local WiFi/LAN
WAN: Static WAN port connected to Ubiquiti via eathernet
Local LAN/WiFi gateway IP: Static
DHCP for local access via lan and WiFi: - (10.2 - 10.5 reserved for static clients)

This arrangement has worked well for years... But now it's more difficult to arrange custom network settings.

Desired settings for Openplotter raspberry pi either wlan, lan0 or both (as redundant option)
IP: Static (This is so I have a static address for all devices looking for SignalK/NMEA data)
Gateway: (dlink router)

Another option I am open to is skipping the local DLINK router and use the RPi as router. I've done this before on old versions of OpenPlotter but again, OP is not currently setup easily for internet sharing from LAN0, only from a USB device. I do question the Rpi throughput ability while also processing all the SignalK/NMEA data which is why I opted for a separate router for the ships clients. Topology would look like:

Marina WiFi > Long Range Ubiquiti (static ip for config access, > Rpi LAN port (static IP for config access192.168.5.2) > wlan as access point/gateway (At

If anyone could advise on how to config either of these setups that would be amazing. I understand it likely has to do with dhcpd.conf, wpa_supplicant.conf, interfaces.d, systemctl, isc-dhcp-server. But I've had OP-network overwrite these at times and cause a huge mess, which for me requires a full reinstall of the OP img.

Cheers, Denham.