Full Version: SKfilter and NMEA0183 out
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You are right, I was not very specific in my question. I'll put you in the background. I used a Seatalk to NMEA converter from yaktbiz before. Then I filtered the wrong NMEA sentence into the signal k server connection input.

Now I have gone on to enter the Seatalk data directly into signal k without first converting it to NMEA. The system works much better except for the fact that I don't see how I can silence the incorrect sentence at the signal k level... even using the signal k filtering tool is too much like an alchemical tool for me. I suppose this is because I have very superficial or almost no knowledge of how the signal k protocol works internally.

However we have to take into account that there are many users like me who use signal k in user mode and not in developer mode and I don't know if they could also solve a problem like this.

Let's suppose that I want to completely silence the sentence that shows the atmospheric pressure data. 

[Image: HWITfSd.png]

How should I continue? Do you have any ideas? Did you do it using this tool?

Edit to ADD:

Oh wow! 
Just as I was writing to you I thought of a way. I didn't find it intuitive but I figured the option to consider is

its false

[Image: A7VJvxX.png]

I would have preferred something more explanatory such as overriding or blocking, but well. It worked. You can ignore my question.

Thank you.
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