Full Version: Canbus without USB
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Looking for a CANBUS shield to connect directly onto the GPIO of the Pi, but, I'd need to get the device onto the /dev/tty port.
How can I accomplish this? I know there are easy USB solutions, but I want something more robust.

I've found several shields / hats that can talk through SPI, but after OP1 I didn't see any SPI support anymore. 
I did some searching on how to get SPI devices emulated onto a /dev/tty port, but I'm really not sure if this is the way to go:

Maybe someone has an easy solution to get a canbus without USB to a tty port so I can assign it in openplotter?
OpenPlotter is ready to use any board using the MCP2515 chip like these:

Not tested:

You just need the openplotter-can app and use the MCP2515 tab
Hi, I see the devices on the MCP2515 tab, but I cannot add them to a SignalK connection because the buttons are greyed out.
Before I used the /boot/config.txt and added dtoverlay=mcp2515-can0,oscillator=12000000,interrupt=25,spimaxfrequency=2000000
Then I could add can0 to SignalK as a NMEA2000 connection.

What do I need to do? Enable or disable the dtoverlay?
Add the can0 connection in SignalK manually?
openplotter CAN Bus app will do all the job for you but just now I realized that board is oscillator=12000000 and we allow only 8000000 and 16000000. This should be fixed.

until we fix this you should do:

- remove any signal k connection and any device you have set in CAN bus app.
- remove the overlay from /boot/config.txt
- reset
- create a device in CAN Bus app using SPI0, interrupt 25 and oscillator 16000000.
- go to /boot/config.txt and the overlay should have been created again, replace 16000000 by 12000000
- reset
- now you should be able to create a signal k connection from CAN Bus app selecting the device.
please report results
Sorry for the delay, the instruction was perfect, all is fine.
OK, thanks for reporting, 12000000 oscillators are already added to openplotter-can next release
You guys are the best!