Full Version: E paper displays?
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This system looks like a candidate for a great cockpit display.  I lack the technical skills, so what is the general opinion?
I've built a couple of displays using e-paper: one 4.5 inch display similar to what is shown, and the other a panel meter to replace my old battery condition meter with a system that monitors the batteries and tank levels and provides SignalK via UDP. Both have 3-D printed cases, and use an ESP32 as a processor.

The biggest challenge with them is the refresh time. A plain black and white display can update every second or so - sometimes faster depending on how much of the screen is being refreshed. Refreshing the entire screen takes a few seconds. The best way to manage them is to update the areas that need quick update quickly, then do a full screen refresh every few minutes to maintain screen health.

I tried one of the three-color displays, and all I can say is, stay away! They take up to 15 seconds to fully refresh, and are NOT built for constant updating. The one I was testing with lasted a couple of weeks before it became unreadable.