Full Version: connect OP2 to two Access points simutaniously
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I am having issues with the reliability of OP2 as an access point so I would like to run Tinypilot in access point mode, and have OP2 connect to it as a client, but I would also like to be able to access OP2 via Teamviewer on my home network or have internet on OP2 while on the dock. Is it possible to add a usb wifi adapter and connect OP2 as a client to 2 networks?
yes it's possible, you need a second wifi adaptor

You need special iptable rules if you want to route packets from one network to the other as well as these rules on the clients.

I don't have much confidence in the reliability of network manager and have not had very good results managing multiple adaptors especially if you need specific ones on certain networks, mac spoofing and changing the power levels. You can give it a try, but I use a script that runs wpa_supplicant and dhclient or dhcpcd directly.
So this was much easier with then I expected, although it took some searching to find the newer method using buster.
All I had to do to get 2 wifi client connections was plug in the usb wifi adaptor, buster immediately installed the card and clicking on the wifi symbol I was able to choose which wifi AP I wanted it to connect to.
To define which card connected to which AP I just created 2 .conf files with the ssid and passwords ... follow these instructions

Now one adapter connects to the internet and the other connects to Tinypilot...

And now that i have deleted the network app in Openplotter my reboots are fast again and my wifi is connecting instantly.

I have not figured out how to access the Tinypilot from the other network yet but I can always VNC in and access it from a terminal in openplotter... I think i have done that before.

Now if I could only get Moiteissier Hat to stay connected.... I am having to reinstall the driver package every once in a while.