Full Version: 3 ways to bring gps to OpenCPN and Pypilot in OP2
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(2021-03-09, 05:51 PM)ironman Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know - I never did that part. I do know that calibration at home never worked for me. It only works on the boat. Don't know why.

I don’t even think you need to ? The compass calibration is required, the rest figures it’s self out, even the compass calibration figures it’s self out on the water
it is difficult/impossible for the compass calibration to work if there are too many magnetic distortions. If it worked on the boat it can likely work in your house, but you must absolutely not move it in space in the house the entire time it is running which is impossible (for some people) Otherwise the changing magnetic field across space inside the house may block the calibration update for many minutes.
(2020-10-13, 08:50 PM)Indee Wrote: [ -> ]Hello to all!

For my entry into Pypilot I would have liked a detailed overview of the configuration. After a lot of research and trial and error, I have clarified some problems.

Because other users might have similar questions, I recorded an overview of the connections for the GPS signal in OpenPlotter 2.

I hope it can help some people to understand the system.
If there are still proposals for changes, please let me know. Maybe it can be added to the OP manual.


This is useful information. I have been grappling with the connectivity and a diagram as per the above is really usefulI think it should be included in the documentation section and also the document! I'd offer to help with this but i'm only just starting on my learning curve.
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