Full Version: GPS time set wonky
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Trouble maintaining an accurate date and time. My hardware setup : garmin GPS sends NMEA 0183 4800 baud data to nav instruments and AIS. Nav instruments send NMEA 0183 4800 data (sentences not included in GPS) to AIS. AIS does multiplexing, and sends 38400 data to RPi, SignalK input via USB.

Date & time will be corrected at boot up just fine. But over time, the hour will advance one!  And the month will subtract one, then two, then three, counting back months until it hits 12, and the year will change... The process occurs over hours, but some reversions to the correct time & date occur. Then the months start rolling back again. Set System Time plugin in use, but I can't determine if it is the cause of the weirdness or the solution. 

Attached: Data Browser in SignalK shows incorrect navigation.datetime

Additionally, if I use the NMEA debug window in OpenCPN, I can see the RMC sentence (the only one to carry date data, AFAIK) and it is correct, even as SignalK navigation.datetime is incorrect.
If I manually activate the plugin at the beginning of the day, then immediately deactivate it, the time is correct all day.

Something is wonky with the plugin.