Full Version: getting nmea0183 from a NASAMarine Duet
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I believe the NASAMarine Duet is the cheapest combined log/depth sounder around but when I ordered it, I quickly found out that it has a major disadvantage: it does not share it's data with other systems, there is no nmea output.
Not content with that, I hacked into the system and added just that, by dropping a tiny Atmega 32U4 board into the case, connecting it to the signal pins for chirp/echo and speed and putting together a quick sketch to wrap it all into valid nmea sentences.

If someone is interested, I can show a bit more of the build

here's the code with very basic documentation:
thanks for sharing!
This is very interesting, thank you. Do you think the NASA Depth Gauge works the same way (obvs without the log!)?

I've been trying to build an NMEA output using the secondary gauge connection as described here but the code is much more complicated (not helped by there being no code repository and the code in the atricle being affected by formatting and html escapes. I've built the module and yet to get it to work successfully, not helped by having limited access to the boat due to Covid lockdowns.