Full Version: Pi zero with openplotter & vnc
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Basically is it worth trying? 
At the moment I have a Pi zero running headless   signalk with no desktop, also with a hifiberry amp on top and a usbgps, so it's doing lots of influxdb logging and kip dash plus streaming wifi radio over the speakers all on just over 0.2A, more like 120mA with no music. 

But... would be nice to have a desktop now and then and having the option of openplotter to set up access point/ wifi client etc. Is it worth trying or is that just asking too much for a board which costs less than a beer at an airport  Big Grin

Anyone tried it?
not yet but interested Smile
what img do you have on Pi Zero? the headless one? or you did the advanced .deb file install over a Pi OS Lite image?

I've been running just the raspbian lite image with signalk running, no openplotter. But does a lot for so little power! Saving everything to influxdb. Seems very stable. Think I'll maybe end up running a Pi4 as well when underway for nav.

[Image: UZmoGVp.png]