Full Version: NMEA multiplexer issue 0-8
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I'm running openplotter 0.8 on a RPI 2b+  and is using the nmea mulitplexer feature for feeding other units on the network with nmea multiplexed data.

All units is using rj45/wired and are on the same network.

the raspberry has a connected local AIS receiver, and is also connected to a remote AIS receiver  over UDP ( internet)

all ais is connected as nmea 0183 inputs in openplotter, and should thereby be multiplexed ??

On the local raspberry, Opencpn shows ais targets on both the local connected ais receiver and the remote ais receiver and it is displayed correct. On other units in the l network, only the ais targets from the local ais connected directly to the RIP is displayed.

The other systems run opencpn 4.4.0 (linux)  and has the ip shown in "multiplexed NMEA 0183" and port 10110(RPI openplotter 0.8)  as input port in opencpn.

This works fine for gps data and the ais directly connected to the RPI/openplotter, but the  ais data from the remote ais is shown only on the local rip, not on the other units in the network.

In inspector, both on the openplotter/rpi and other units on the network (opencpn) all NMEA data is "green" and valid  - no "red bad data"

Seems not to logical for me so I need some ideas about how to troubleshoot this.