Full Version: Connect IMU to pyPilot through TTL over USB
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I've got a MPU9255 that communicates via TTL and not I2C (WIT-motion  WT901C TTL). I connect this IMU to my OpenPlotter RPI 3B+ via a TTL to USB and it is detected as a serial connection. 
Is i possible to get pypilot to use this IMU instead of the one I have connected through I2C, because I want to remove the IMU from electromagnetic interference and position it close to the center of motion on my boat.
you could also use i2c for a few meters usually, and repeaters are also possible.

Anyway, it's not a problem directly on the pi. You could use ttl or usb sensors but I don't recommend usb because of latency. So I don't have a great solution since the pi has only one hardware serial port. The pi4 has more uart.
Andreas29 has made a IMU/I2C extention: