Full Version: SignalK environment.inside.mainCabin
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Is it possible to add new signalK "sentences"?

I wish to have 1W temp sensors in the main, forward and aft cabin of my boat.
In OP (1W tab) I can only find the sentence "environment.inside.mainCabin.temperature"...

According to:

The values starter, house, port etc are examples and not specified in the schema. You are free to use application specific values within the regexp specified in the JSON schema.

Is there a config file somewhere to edit?

I would like to have something like:

I have been searching in the /home/pi/.config/signalk-server-node folder without any luck

Cheers and Happy New Year

Running OP 0.9 Alpha on a RPi 3
You can change the name in openplotter.conf under section [1W].