Full Version: GPS connection fails when enabling PyPilot
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Hi there.

I'm new here so please bear with me - I'm not deliberately breaking any rules - and the documentation has some caveats.

My setup:
Raspberry Pi 3B
OpenPlotter 2
U-Blox AG [u-blox 7] connected through USB. Serial connection has ttyOP_gps alias. 
IMU on I2C.
Pressure, temp, small OLED on I2C.
USB-TTL serial devices for external NMEA0183 data.

When running PyPilot (2.1.1-beta) in "Only compass"-mode everything is fine.
I have GPS data, heading etc. in SignalK.

As I'm trying to get PyPilot to run I set PyPilot to "Autopilot"-mode but as soon as I restart SignalK I have lost GPS-data.
This is the case whether I connect the PyPilot Arduino, set up the serial for it or not.
The SignalK dashboard gives me an error: "Error: Device or resource busy, cannot open /dev/ttyOP_gps".

No matter what I do I cannot make GPS and PyPilot (as Autopilot) co-exist.

If I reset the PyPilot back to "Only compass" and restart SignalK (sometimes twice is needed) everything is back to normal.

Am I missing something here?
Why is PyPilot messing with my GPS device?

Any help is appreciated.
Well... found a solution.
Was looking through the pypilot code last night and found two possible ways to go; either blacklist the device or use gpsd instead of accessing the device directly.
The blacklisting did not seem to work as expected but going through gpsd worked like a charm.

Got it running now Wink