Full Version: SK PUT command, watch alarm.
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Here's the situation;

I have an old autohelm autopilot which has a 4min interval "watch" alarm which cannot be disabled. This alarm propagates through my entire ST1, STng and openplotter/SignalK network, including into my Raymarine P70r (STng/N2k) autopilot interface. Very annoying... Note, the P70r (STng/N2k) control head DOES control the old ST1 autopilot.

Though a Raymarine ST1 - STng adapter and into a CAN hat on my Rpi, this shows up in SignalK as:


  "message": "Pilot Last Minute Of Watch",
  "method": [
  "state": "alarm",
  "timestamp": " xxxx "

When cancelled via the autopilot interface, the SignalK state changes to "normal" and timestamp to the current time.

I'd like to run a nodered flow (or similar) to constantly update the time stamp to the current time thus keeping the alarm from ever being triggered. Failing that, to detect the alarm state change and update it from "alarm" to "normal" along with the current time stamp.

Only thing I don't know is if SignalK value will propagate this back into the N2k network. If not, then I'll be looking for a way to send the original N2k message to clear the alarm on a schedule.

Any assistance on this would be amazing, I understand the basics of nodered, but the specific coding has eluded me this far.