Full Version: Tank Level Sensors
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Hi everyone,
     I've got a couple of questions about Tank level sensors. I've read through some of the older topics on this but most are a couple of years old. I've read with interest the posts from olewsaa and abarrow about tank monitoring. There seems to be two schools here, internal and external. I'm trying to base the tanlk monitoring on olewsaa's wireless version using the ESP8266 to send the data wirelessly. I think I want to go the external route and was wondering if sensors like these would work : Ext. Tank Sensor
     Olewsaa, if you see this, what size project boards and enclosure did you use to make these : Tank Level Sensor 
I don't see it in the photos, but in the diagram here you have a Buck converter. Did you mount the converter externally? I would like each sensor to be independent, relying only on the power wire (24V).

I'm trying to build an IoToB and use all the great stuff on this forum and here to build my system.