Full Version: AIS and NMEA input to OpenPlotter 0.8
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I have bought myself a Matsutec HP-33A AIS transponder, which seems to be doing what it should do, but I have some trouble getting the NMEA0183 stream working in to OpenPlotter...

I have tried several different USB/NMEA converters, but the best I can get is distorted text/binary from the USB port.
Can this be a baudrate issue, all my other inputs are 4800 and I can read the stream straight from the port, but the AIS is putting out 38400bps - can that be the problem?

See the attached picture to see how it looks like, the AIS on ttyUSB4 and the old GPS dongle on ttyUSB1...
Is there a way to force USB4 to 38400 bps?

Answering myself here - I bought one of these and the AIS data has been flowing without any problem ever since.

Yes, it's pricey but it works on the RPi, with 38400 bps transfer rate.