Full Version: Compass offset uneffective in autopilot GPS mode
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Hello everyone, using Openplotter on Raspi 3B+ and Pypilot on Sean's Tinypilot, I firstly want to thank Sean for his superb work.
I would like to solve a little issue occurring with autopilot in GPS mode. For practical reason (mainly steel hull and wish to get the display visible from the cockpit aft) the Tinypilot is not parallel to the heading line. I have adjusted the heading offset to 108° as to get the actual magnetic value on the display. This setting is working fine in compass mode, but as soon I switch to gps mode by activating a route the offset is no more used and the requested heading is dropped by 108°. Your help would be welcome as I am more newbie than geek...
In gps mode it will just use the gps heading which is based on boat movement. The difference between compass and gps heading is constantly re-computed so that the compass is used to improve the stability of gps heading.

I dont know what you mean the requested heading is dropped 108. If the boat is not moving then the gps heading is meaningless so I am not sure if this is a real test underway or at the dock.
Hello Sean, thank you for your quick response. Effectively I don't make the test underway, just alongside the pontoon. So I will make the trial as soon as possible and come back with the result.
Once again, many thanks for your work and for sharing the result with us.
@Sean, would it make sense to use the GPS track to automatically set the compass offset? That way, you don't have to set that parameter manually anymore.
Many thanks for your response. It has not be possible for me to sail since I posted my question, but I will make a trial as soon as possible.