Full Version: Remote LCD Nokia5510/JLX12864 with ESP32
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Hello All,

I would like to test the possibility to built a Pypilot remote with an ESP32 and a simple Nokia 5510 LCD or a JLX 12864 LCD. Does anyone has experimented such configuration ? I am not sure about the SPI to use : SPI2 or SPI3 ?

Best regards,

I was successful in getting the JLX12864 to work with the esp32. I could not tell you which SPI I used as this was last year... but it works I can tell you that.
Dear rastam4n,

Thanks for the confirmation about JLX LCD working with ESP32 on SPI. 

The idea is to use the hat code by Sean ( which seems to already support the esp32 through micropython.

I have flashed a generic esp32 with micropython (esp32-20210902-v1.17.bin) and uploaded Sean's code on it (make clean followed by make upload) after modifying the MPY_CROSS location to fit my own system.
I had to comment out line 13 within (#station.wifi_ps(network.WIFI_PS_MAX_MODEM)  # not sure this saves any power!!) as wifi_ps method was reported to be unknown.

Unfortunately, I am currently stuck with the missing ugfx module : I may need to compile and upload it but I am not sure how to execute this... Would somemone have an idea ?

Best regards,

with esp32 I am using ILI9341/ST7789V
Thanks for pointing to your micropython repository ; I will try to compile the ESP32 port and install it on my generic ESP32 (ESP32-WROOM32).

Regarding the drivers, it seems that most of ILI9341/ST7789V LCDs can not be sunlight readable except expensive transflective displays (that was the reason as well as low power why I was looking at JLX 12864). Do you think this could be a viable route ?

Best regards,

Just needs the driver for the the jlx12964 tested and working on esp32. It is a bit different under linux as the driver there can just do writes and not worry about DMA. It wouldn't be too difficult to support the jlx12864 on esp32, but just a different driver.

If you can make these changes let me know, it could be interesting to use this display I just haven't looked at it yet.
Is there a guide or a can you write which steps i need to follow to have the esp32 and screen setup with pypilot ?
with jlx2864 i did not make it working yet.

I just linked my micropython fork which includes a driver for the lcd I am using and it would be possible to modify that to get it working.

Once that is in place you can simply type "make upload" in the pypilot/hat directory once the esp32 is connected by usb.
just to clarify.
you have a display and buttons connected to an esp32 and this is wirelesly connected through wifi to a pypilot server and can control the pypilot over wifi ?

i am looking for a solution to omit the cables for the screen and the buttons to tinypilot.

Thank you
yes, it does that.
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