Full Version: IMU compability with tinypilot
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recently I discovered an IMU that promise higher accuracy than a normal mpu9250. They are available on

It is a USFS that uses an MPU9250 with a coprocessor of Microelectronic's EM7180 and a BME280.

My question: Can I use such a board with Tinypilot? And is it possible to replace this USFS board directly or do I have to change something in the hardware or software?

If there is a good chance to get such a board working on tinypilot, I would buy it and try it. And then of course report back.

Thank you very much for your answers.

many greetings

Translated with (free version)
It is a bit pricy and i dont see any advantages
It seems to be the same sensor, so the accuracy would also be the same.