Full Version: AvNav charts from opencpn
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Hi, i'm new to openplotter so sorry for the noobs questions.

Have openplotter headless installed, opencpn, GPS, signal-K working. Installed charts from o-charts in opencpn.

But it a but confused about AvNav, cant see charts layer from opencpn o-charts. Or do I have to buy and install it on AvNav also ?

You definetly DON'T have to buy another chart.
You can find installation instructions here:

You can jump to step 6) btw, but is always a good idea to read the whole page Smile
Btw: With the newest Version and if you already updated OpenCPN to ocharts-pi, you can just share charts between OpenCPN and AvNav. See
Requires avnav-ocharts-plugin 20220307.
And don't forget to install avnav-ocharts (see the release notes for 20220225).
Worked like a charm, Thanks Wink