Full Version: My Openplotter setup
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Here is a video of my setup:
thanks for sharing!
Thumbs up from me ? always good to see what others have done
Thanks guys.

I hope to record a bit more when in the water, as well as a episode on the Monitor. I may do one covering OP3 install from scratch as well, but that may be in the fall - boat projects are for non-sailing season (we only get 5 months here in the Great Lakes!)

@Boatingbaileys I may do a video on the install of a ESP32 on the 3GM30F engine - I will reference your video and focus on how to set it up on my particular engine. the Dev Board hasn't arrived yet

the Heading path is 'self.navigation.courseOverGroundTrue' and the source was the USB GPS.

hopefully that helps?
Thanks for that. Strangely I think I have an issue in KIP. I can’t get it to save the settings on that path, I don’t get an error but when I go back in the source is blank again. I’ve tried random ones in there too to change it but I always clears the source. I’ll have to investigate further…