Full Version: Open plotter psrtly installed?
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I have installed Open plotter  from Raspberry Pi OS on my Raspberry 4b.
Latest settings 2.9.1-stable is used.
I have also updated from Bullseye to Buster.
The installation of Open plotter seemed to run through without problems.
When installing XYgrib and Serial it works fine but it doesn´t work for Open CPN and SignalK
I receive these fault messages:
 when I click on the OpenCPN icon: Wrong file for desktop-element: "usr/share/applications/-opencpn.desktop"
 when trying to install Signal K, I receive back: nodejs: dependent on python-mini but could not be installed

Any idea what has gone wrong and what to do?
OpenPlotter 2 does not work in Debian bullseye, try the OpenPlotter 3 beta: