Full Version: Open plotter psrtly installed?
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I have downloaded Openplotter from Raspberry OS on my RPI4B.
2.9.1-stable is installed and RPI OS was updated from Bullseye to Buster before installation
The installation of OP seemed to work fine and I have succeeded to install Serial and XYgrib which both works as they should.
Open CPN seems also to be correct installed but cannot be opened. I receive a fault message that I have a faulty file for desktop: “usr/share/applications/-openCPN.desktop”
Signal K cannot be installed at all as there is a dependency to python-minimal. The issue could not be corrected due to faulty packages.
Anyone here who understand what has gone wrong and what to do?
openplotter 2.x.x is only for buster. For bullseye try openplotter 3.x.x: