Full Version: Polar Plotting
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Hi All,

Given the fact that if the OP is connected to the boats NMEA network, it is getting all the data it would need to generate polars....

Has anyone achieved this?

Thoughts are;

Add USB memory for data gathering, that runs in a cycle that you can set? eg 1gb of data overwriting the oldest when full.
Use the wind angle, wind speed, boat speed etc to generate a set of polars to the boat.
Add notes to the data so that you can make reference to sail plan, car positions etc.

Would others think this valuable?
I of course vote yes to any new gadget, but I believe the priorities the Openplotter team have charted out are more important than new frills.

I believe it was on Github that there was a very early discussion about Openplotter and Polars, and a fellow volunteered code he had developed, but this was a long time ago.

Also, there is a Polar plugin for OpenCPN, and perhaps more appropriately, a project for SignalK.
That would be my code. Has anyone tested it with openplotter?