Full Version: Testing with Beta Debian ARM64
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Hi all,

started workirng with it some days ago using flatpak but not the latest version and also the same for xigrib always warning me that I have to update the version but no update via OS.

decided three days ago to start the version bundled with OS as Beta for ARM64, working really well for the time being, now only testing at home and data are via TCP/IP, but really no bug neither problem detected.

I miss the feature of O-charts support either I don know how to setup then.

The only "complain" I have is not to make political propaganda inside the marvellous software like to insert in the desktop wallpaper something similar to "paisos catalanes", that this really hurt to Spanish citizens, please leave the technology away from any political request.

and really thanks for this development over Raspberry Pi 4.
Hello Corsair. I'm not in charge of anything here, but I'm the guy behind the the catalan translation of OP2 and OP3.

I don't know where you've seen "Paisos Catalans" written, but I'm pretty sure is not in any of the translated files. I usually choose to just use "Català" as language or "Catalunya" as location so everybody can choose their prefered language.

Besides that, the first political statement is FOSS itself (and OpenPlotter is FOSS). As users we choose not to pay, we choose to contribute or not, we choose to don't depend on big companies. In summary, we choose how we want to handle this little parcel of the world that is our boat. And choice comes with some duty, and that is mainly to respect everyone involved. The existance of any identity, be it gender, be it nationality, be it whatever, shouldn't hurt you. For example, a make a big effort to make my translations genderless (and as you can imagine that's hard in severly gendered languages like spanish or catalan).

So, I'm sorry if it makes you feel bad, but adding options for others without limiting yours, can never be a good reason to be sad.
Hi MigGat,

I'm absolutely agreed with your opinions, tolerance is culture for the whole human being.
and of course both of us we aren't starting the fourth WW when the third is in development.

I only said, maybe because I'm not 100% Shakespeare language speaker and could be any misunderstanding:
- mounted with Raspberry Pi imager 2022-06-02-OpenPlotter-v3-starting-beta-64bit-img in my Raspi SSD.
- fitted the SSD in the Raspi case and started it, it took not so long after some reboots.
- system up and working and as usual the wallpaper with the logo was in the middle of the desktop, good.
- I see at the logo and it's displaying on top the raspberry below the anchor and below the fluke a black ribbon with the version of Openplotter follow by the legend (or similar) "paisos catalanes" (sorry if I do not spell it correctly, I'm just remembering how it was)

There are several option in any own machine to remove political propaganda:
- Leave using this marvellous software and rebuilt the system free of Openplotter (really not very smart option)
- Choose another wallpaper (but maybe you loose the plot of the system and version itself)
- Edit the wallpaper and remove the text in question, the directory is protected, so had to do some tricks to edit it.

but I understand that the fair option would be distribute the software image without any propaganda of any kind unless would be of the same project and leave only the version number and if any the name of compilation.

I guess I have not been any monster just pointing this fact and if you feel that I have been unpolite I excuse my self, because as stated above English is not my mother tongue.

all the best and I try to support as much as I can.
"OpenPlotter v3 2022 Països Catalans".

If this sentence offends you, you have a problem my friend.

What offends me is that you forbid me to use my language and that you forbid me to exist.

This is free software, if that image offends you so much, change it. It may not be a concept you are familiar with, we usually call it freedom.

I deleted your duplicate post and copied my answer here.
Thanks for your kind answer.

I already told you not going to start any war.
I really didn't want to start any political issue neither a war.

thanks for your work, really very nice, no joking.
but after your speech I'll format my RasPi and use another options instead OpenPlotter.

all the best for you and the project.
Apa, bon vent i barca nova.
Not really related to the subject of this thread but I'm a British national and English speaker so I googled 'Països Catalans' 
and found this:

A Brief Introduction To Països Catalans (

which I found very interesting. We must all try to preserve our local culture, it is part of us and we are part of it (draw the Venn diagram!).
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Very useful link.

Only racist, fascist and sexist information will be considered inappropriate in this forum. Only that will be removed and its authors keelhauled and banned but I have to say that fortunately since 2014 no post has been removed here.