Full Version: Send Lat/Long to web page
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Hi All

Just working my head around Node Red.

I am trying to setup a "simple" Tongue  flow that sends the latitude and longitude to a website. I have the following flow

  1. Yellow subscribe input sending lat/long via navigation.position (which after testing with debug shows lat/long)
  2. Http Request with method set as POST and to the webpage
  3. Debug message
The following is being returned - it looks like the payload being sent is empty? I'm just dumping the $_POST data back to the page. Do I need to add something else?

payload: string
array(0) {
_msgid: "5d2c0c3a9e7dc8f3"
statusCode: 200
headers: object
responseUrl: ""
redirectList: array[2]
retry: 0
responseCookies: object
I seem to have fixed my issue - I was not setting the headers to be sending form data!