Full Version: Getting NMEA output from NASA EML-3
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My boat has the NASA EML-3 electromagnetic log (the one that works with Nasa Clipper Duet display). I believe this model has a pulse output to be compatible with the Clipper Duet display (at the difference of the EML-2 which, to my knowledge, has an NMEA output).

So I tried to use an Arduino nano and this sketch developped by Mike Holden to interpret the pulsations and convert them in NMEA sentences.
But, after wiring the Arduino to the data box, I found no pulses at the output wires from the databox to the display (tested on Low output and High ouput), neither at the wires from the sensor to the databox (tested on white and green wires).

I also tried to code an impulsion counter on the arduino, just to check if I have, at least, some pulsations : same result, nothing.

I am probably missing something, but what?
Many thanks in advance for your suggestions!