Full Version: update openplotter 2->3
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Here's what i did:

In OP2: 
  • Take notes / screenshots of Serial settings
  • SignalK: Backup Settings to file
  • /boot/config.txt take notes of settings
  • Influxdb: 
sudo influx_inspect  export  -database Boatname -datadir /var/lib/influxdb/data  -waldir /var/lib/influxdb/wal -out Boatname.dump -lponly

in OP3:
  • Downloaded a fresh image to a new SD Card, so i can always go back
  • Basic setup like WiFi, password, serial, etc
  • Load SignalK Backup
  • Update Signal K
  • Update node-red nodes that were broken / conflicting
  • Install and set-up influxdb according to , create an extra bucket Boatname.old for old data
influx write --debug  --org  Boatname --token FOObarFNORDFOObarFNORDFOObarFNORDFOObarFNORDFOObarFNORDFOObarFNORDFOObarFNORD== --bucket Boatname.old -file /home/pi/Boatname.dump