Full Version: Question on displays for indoor and outdoor
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Hello everyone,

I have a new helm on the way that can hold a 9" display. Instead of getting a $3k B&G plotter, I'm going to move to one of the opensource charting tools (OpenCPN, etc.). I will start by running the SW from the NMEA 2000 data over Wifi, but eventually will get a Raspberry Pi up and running.

For the near-term, is there a good tablet with waterproof case for running OpenCPN on touch for the helm?

For the longer-term, when I get the Pi running and can use HDMI, what monitors for outdoor mounting in the 9" range (waterproof, anti-glare, etc.).

Thanks for any help!
For a tablet I would go with a Galaxy Active tab Pro - waterproof, sunlight readable, Rugged

For a monitor, I have been using a Sihovision ( 15.6" touchscreen, waterproof, sunlight readable, optically bonded, with external 0-100% brightness adjustment, because normal monitors can only adjust in 20% increments and 20% is still way too bright for night use. they will design what ever size you want. See the link for a video demonstration:
Techstyle, thank you very much! I will look into both of these!!!