Full Version: Connecting 170kHz depth transducer to Raspberry Pi
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I have an old B&G Depth Transducer.
It has a 3 wire cable. Red wire, Blue wire and Shield
I would like to connect this to a Raspberry Pi to then read the depth
The transducer transmits data using 170Khz analog signal

Any suggestions how I can do this?
There is an interesting discussion here from someone reverse engineering a depth sounder.

The bottom line is that unless the sounder is actually "smart", you are going to need a circuit that generates the pulse and receives it. Since this is an old model, I think it's unlikely that it is anything more than a transmitter and receiver, needing something else to generate, receive, and interpret the pulses.
There is this piece of kit that can drive many old depth sounders and turn them into NMEA0183:
Shouldn’t be too tricky to go from there to RPi.

I just received mine, so I haven’t had the the to plug it in yet. The plan is to digitise our old NASA depth sounder (I bought the DST-2-150 because of this) and VDO Sumlog paddle wheel sensor.
This looks very interesting. Please let us know how it works for you.

It's too bad they aren't interfacing to NMEA2000!