Full Version: 2nd Motor With Same Pypilot and Controller
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I would like to have the ability to use the same Pypilot with two different motors and simply switch between them when necessary.  

My planned implementation is to use my wind and self-steering driven by a small car automatic window motor. There might, however, be times when it may be better or necessary to drive the tiller directly with either a wiper motor or ram.  I am thinking redundancy here.  The two pypilot solution seems to be too wasteful.  I would prefer to carry an extra Pypilot in case one breaks, the boat gets hit by lightning,  etc.  I don't want to carry a load of Pypilots and Rasberry Pis.  Just one each.  

I am thinking that the two motors, being of different size and implementation, would have different reaction times, etc. I would assume that the gains would be different for each.
Yes, it is possible to modify just the "servo.gain" parameter but also, the latest pypilot version (beta image posted now) supports profiles which would make it easy to switch between different gain and servo parameters.