Full Version: AvNav Headless/Touch Image 20230427
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AvNav 20230426 is released
Quote:Support for the OpenBoatProjects 10 inch plotter V3 - see project page.

    New plugin obp-plotter-v3
    Support in avnav.conf and in image preparation UI

Support for some Raspberry Pi HATS

    for AvNav images we can automatically configure a couple of HATs by creating appropriate config.txt entries, network interfaces,...
    Refer  to the image preparation UI for a list

Extensions in the plugin API(Server)

    plugins (on the raspberry pi) can now have scripts to be able to set up system configurations based on settings in the avnav.conf
    new API functions sendRemoteCommand, registerSettingsFile, registerCommand

Include some additional Kernel Driver (raspberry)

    a new package will be installed on the AvNav images that includes drivers for the RTL8188EU and RTL8192EU wifi chip sets

Smaller Improvements and Bug Fixes

    #249: use an event translation list to correctly handle event names for user widgets
    #251: allow to remove key bindings in user key.json
    #252: handle button key bindings correctly even if the buttons are currently hidden or in the second column
    #261: prevent an error on value and dict in store, limit logs to app. 110MB
    avoid filling the log with bluetooth errors
    add key definition z for toggle dimm mode
    add a reload page button on the settings page
    add some start URL parameters
    keep the scroll position on the AIS page and on the WPA page (allow to handle many AIS targets or many wifi networks)


    #266: avoid blocking when setting the system time
    correctly handle initial time setting without gps, correctly switch between gps time and ntp time
    do not run the startup-check (handling of avnav.conf) when installing avnav-raspi (prevent reboot during installation)
    have a template of avnav_server.xml in /etc
    change all wlan ap network files to mode manual to avoid conflicts with avahi-autoipd (sometimes the wifi access point will not come up correctly)
    set restart-ms for all CAN interfaces (see forum) to improve NMEA2000 robustness
    correct some country codes for Image Preparation
    remove the obsolete spi-bcm2835-overlay
    Update install docu for packages to newer versions (bullseye)
    restart wlan-av1 when changing the system time (as wpa_supplicant will potentially stop working if the time changes)
    make wpa firewall command working again (external access for wifi networks) , better wpa logging
    add the uart_control script into /usr/lib/avnav/raspberry
    correctly configure CANboat (n2kd)


    some initial implementations for a plugin handling

Raspberry Pi images are available
32Bit (armhf):
64Bit (arm64):

Have a lot fun!