Full Version: loading charts into RAM RPi4 8g
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Given how slow the OpenCPN Pi solution is, while having multiple ENC charts open, is there a way to load a region of charts into RAM ...outside of OpenCPN, to speed things up?  How would OpenCPN see the temp RAM directory?

Been trying all the suggestions on this, and other sites, for days with no real headway... so at the point of stopping my PI4 project and just buy a Wiindows PC.

thoughts?  Also, to save time I used HTOP and clearly the processors are maxed out with more than one ENC open.  Even a tiny one like Jacksonville, FL, while dragging around.

Also, if someone has a Pi solution with say 10+ ENC charts open and very smooth scrolling I would love to see a video and of course the settings! ;-)

Obviously, I missed the mark with the post. I thought a temp RAM drive would help with chart loading speed but with 53 views and no responses, I was not clear in my 'ask' for help. Having 40 years in tech I've seen this done at scale to speed up constrained resource terminals.

No worries as I just went to an SSD, which would be my "required' guidance to really use OpenCPN effectively.

Thanks for the views anyway.