Full Version: 2nd monitor on HDMI 2
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I have just upgraded to OP3 & I'm having trouble with the 2nd display which is at the helm & uses a different power supply than my Pi4 at the Nav station.

When using OP2 the Screen Configuration settings would be saved & when I turned on the helm monitor, HDMI 2, all would be fine & I could see my Pi.

Now, with OP3, when I turn the HDMI 2 off all my screen configuration settings are lost and when I switch the helm monitor on again I need to reboot the Pi4 & then have to configure the 2nd monitor each time I need the second monitor at the helm.

I'm guessing there is something I can do in the boot/config.txt but I'm not sure what.

I usually have KIP or Instrument Panel on the monitor at the helm.

Any ideas please anyone!!
If you Add this to end of /boot/config.txt it works

#fix for rpi 4 models with dual hdmi