Full Version: chart directory navigation - flatpack version
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I have managed to get both versions of the 64 bit openCPN installed and mostly working via openplotter.  Thanks for the program and for the recent help!    

This may be an openCPN question rather than OpenPlotter but ....    For whatever reason the Flatpack version of OpenCPN, runs much faster (snappier when moving around the charts) on my raspberry Pi 4 than the Debian version.  (I have both installed and there is not conflict).  SO I'd like to use the flatpack version but it doesn't allow me, when selecting chart directories in the "add chart directories window", to navigate above the Home folder.   This is problematic because I need to access a set of charts that are located on a separate SSD dive (that can't be moved because they are associated with a key dongle).  External dives, as I understand it, are found in the media folder.    I can easily access these charts in the Debian OpenCPN version that I have loaded because the separate ssd drive appears in the chart directories window.

Any ideas that might fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.

I had the same problem. This is caused by flatpack sandbox restrictions:

But you can allow additional folders. To allow access to the folder /ssd/charts for example, you need to run the following in a terminal:
flatpak override --user org.opencpn.OpenCPN  --filesystem=/ssd/charts