Full Version: Re-entering setup
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(Raspberry  pi 3, openplotter 0.8.0, a right proper newbie!)
How do i re-enter the 'auto setup' (to pick up usb connections) after the first time thru?
(My current thinking is i have to reinstall the whole SD card again - surely not!)
(I notice that the latest documentation says that this can be done from the 'settings' drop down menu, but this tool is not available in the 0.8.0 live version).

Any news on the next release live date? (Which im assuming the above documentation  refers to).

auto setup starts with 0.9. Sorry. It isn't very stable should be updated.
Try the manual way.
Unplug all USB-serial ports. (USB manager->add should be empty)
Plug in first USB-serial and add the port in the USB manager.
Plug in second ....
If a port doesn't show up choose remember by port for these type of adapters.