Full Version: Can bus/NMEA 2000
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Delete the SK connection and create it from openplotter-can by selecting the device and clicking "Add Connection".

Forget my previous suggestion, which was to try to establish the connection temporarily until Openotter-can is fixed. Just follow the manuals.
I can't add connection. When I click on/highlight the device, the add connection remains greyed out  as does check traffic. And there is no can0 listed under interface, though I don't know it that is significant.
OK, that is weird, for some reason the can0 interface is not created and it should even if you have SPI disabled in preferences - Raspberry Pi configuration - interfaces.

I am not sure how to proceed. Could you start from scratch with a new OP4 image?
How weird is a bad header pin? Fixed and working. Thanks for being so attentive.
very weird Smile

Interesting, could you provide details about the "bad header pin"?
I am using the longer pins so I can add another hat. Unfortunately, one snapped below the plastic. When I took everything apart to test with a fresh-out-of -the-box pi 5, I pulled out the pins and one stayed put. (Pin 22, as it turns out.) On to the next thing.
(2024-02-18, 05:32 PM)motamman Wrote: [ -> ]Forgive me if I am being thick here. I was following the instructions listed in the high-res documentation pdf, which differs from the link you sent. Regardless, the same result regardless: No can0

This is what i am seeing:

and then when i create a data connection. per your previous suggestion, this:


I am having the exact same problem, but unfortunately no broken pins. I am seeing the same screens that motamman did, where "Add connection" is greyed out, resulting in two lines when adding the connection manually in SignalK. I have no can0 interface and have no idea how to get past this step..

Could anyone offer some guidance?
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