Full Version: AIS receiver and dispatcher. The best !?
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First of all ..... I didn't do it !!!   Smile   It is Jasper who created the fantastic AIS-catcher package.

All I did was creating a blogpost on a quick setup for the package. It could help because there are so many options.
I know that this package has been mentioned before here in the forum but I think it's important to make a "heads up" due to its very good performance compared to other AIS receivers I have tested.

Check out the below link and the "Yearly statistics"
It's obvious that I changed software package, using same hardware as before, in mid December.

And don't use a RPi Zero, its not enough.

Enjoy !
I have packaged AIS-Catcher (.deb) and put it in preview channel also for OP. Those who want to try it out:
1. activate preview repository (depending on version)
For Bullseye ( aka OP3)
deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/oss.boating.gpg] bullseye-preview main
For Bookworm (aka OP4)
deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/oss.boating.gpg] bookworm-preview main

2. Install
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ais-catcher

3. You can adjust your options in /etc/default/ais-catcher
4. By default, AIS-Catcher delivers the AIS sentences via port 5011 TCP

Any feedback and comment are welcome
Cool. If you have plans of maintaining that package there I could try to implement ais-catcher in OpenPlotter 4.
That's what I planned. That's why I have packed and made available
Perfect thanks!
I am busy with pypilot now. I will try to add it when the package is in your production repository.
Quote:I will try to add it when the package is in your production repository.

working on this now
Updated openplotter-sdr-vhf v4

Uninstall the old version from openplotter-settings before installing the new one or run this in a terminal:

sudo systemctl disable openplotter-rtl_ais

rtl-ais has been replaced by the powerful ais-catcher. I do not have an SDR with me and it is untested, so there are bound to be bugs. Please try and report back.
@BlackSea, you did an excellent work with this package adding the webassets and the service, congratulations.