Full Version: How to write an Input PGNs / Help with Autonnic Windex
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Hey all, could someone point me in a useful direction? I have an Autonic masthead wind instrument; I had to place it off-centre because of the masthead setup—my wind instrument is now offset by the degrees off the centreline that we mounted the device.

I only have a one-page instruction sheet (attached) it states:

Input PGNs Custom (PGN: 127257). A 6-byte block of which only the first is used as follows: Set Wind Heading to Zero = 7

Is there a way of using SignalK or something in OpenPlotter to do this? I have Open Plotter running on a Pi-4 and an Actisense NGX-1 via USB to the N2K network.

Many thanks in advance of any pointers