Full Version: [SOLVED] Signal K data to NMEA183
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Following the topic on MPU9255, I am now trying to transfer data from Signal K to OpenCPN via NMEA183.
If I plug a USB GPS, it works flawless.

But the only way I found to transfer data from I2C (IMU, pressure, temps, humidity) is by using the NMEA183 generator for each of the data I want to transfer.
I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if it would be better to have a standard file with standard conversion (for ex. navigation.headingMagnetic ==> HDM) and calculation.

The pluging "Convert Signal K to NMEA01083" doesn't seems to change anything for me.

[Image: 23qz9cy.jpg]

[Image: 2wgb3eq.png]

Signal k sends NMEA converted data from TCP localhost 10110

Type that on a broser and you will see NMEA 0183 from signal k.

Be careful, if you sent this data to opencpn directly or through kplex because some sentences already are sent to opencpn. You should filter sentences or you will have redundant data.
The line is OpenCPN was missing for me, that's why I was not receiving the data.