Full Version: help with AIS setup version 0.14.0
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Hi there!
I am a new user of open plotter. Could any one give me some tips on how I could make the AIS to work in OpenCPN? As far as I can tell OpenPlotter is receiving the signal from my DVB-T dongle (see image attached). I think I am missing something to connect the signal from OpenPlotter to OpenCPN! The documentation I have (versions 9 and 8) are not compatible with to the windows I see in version 0.14.0. Thanks!!!
What do you have your gain set to? It looks like it is set way too high. Your background should be mostly bluish, not yellow.
The most important parameter is calibration and off course your antenna. You have to calibrate and enabled it and it will work out of the box. What is your device model? some devices do not need calibration.

Sorry we are updating documentation.